Plant Sale 2016

Every year we wait for this sale. Hosted by a local botanical garden and master gardener’s association, Naturescaping,  we’re able to buy full grown, native, bare root trees and shrubs for anywhere between $5-$8 per plant. They also have a great variety of native perennials and potted plants from $1-$3. This year we attended both days of their annual fundraiser, and ended up purchasing over 400 plants in all!

Day 1: Over 350 trees, shrubs and perennials including: Mock  Orange, Serviceberries, Snowberries, Pacific Rose, Ninebark, Maples, Hydrangeas, Dappled Willow, Oregon Grape, Dogwoods, Crape Myrtle, Smoke Bush, Daylilies, Hellebore, Hostas, Pachysandra, Variegated Iris, and native Ferns.

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Day 2: 90 more native trees and and perennials. 20160424_120910_resized