This blog has been designed to document our attempt at creating a turn of the century farmhouse into a sustainable farm.  As one of the county’s original homesteads, our goal is not only restore and rejuvenate the two acre property, but infuse a different lifestyle that celebrates true balance with nature.

Built in 1920, the home began as a small, functional farmhouse, and evolved over the years to become a 1,200 square ft, 2 bed, 1 bath living space. The home was purchased in June 2009 as a desolate and abandoned bank owned property – having been unoccupied for over a decade. Over the course of four years, we revitalized the property, restoring the land and creating a livable space to serve as a solid foundation for a master restoration taking place in early 2014. The addition will add another 1,000 square ft to the home’s footprint, creating 2,200 square ft of living space featuring 3 beds and 2 baths. Sustainable building practices and materials are incorporated throughout the interior and exterior design paying tribute to the native climate while minimizing environmental impact.

The vision for the property is to create a self-sustaining micro farm. The surrounding property features over 30 varieties of fruits, vegetables and wildlife-supporting trees and shrubs sourced from local nurseries and garden clubs. The home will eventually produce its own energy through a combination of renewable power sources. Together, the property and home will serve as a living experiment for local sustainable living.  We hope this blog will serve as an inspiring documentary to show anyone practical measures to live a more sustainable lifestyle.