winter update

We’ve been a little busy lately, and since we haven’t updated our blog since August… there’s just too much to post!

One of the plans for the house is reduce the electric load through more efficient heating/cooling systems. The slate throughout the bathroom, kitchen and entry was planned to sit over a between joist radiant heating system. The slate stone will act as a thermal mass to radiant heat during the winter and keep cool surfaces during the summertime.  We’re planning to install the radiant system ourselves over the next few months.

To prepare for the radiant system, the following plumbing work was recently complete:

  • Removed all plumbing lines and replaced with new pex (PVC) pipe
  • Removed all external plumbing lines
  • Removed the external pressure tank, moved to the basement
  • Awaiting a new heat exchanger water heater that will allow for a solar heating system addition in the near future

We’ve also completed some other projects

  • Completed the porch conversion to a usable laundry room
  • Added a flagstone walkway to entry
  • Built a new backyard fence, removed the existing cyclone fencing
  • Planted over 40 native trees and several fruit and nut trees
  • Built two GIANT shop doors with four double-pane vinyl windows we found at a local rebuilding store for $17 each